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Rev. Peter Popoff 's fake powers exposed in this thirty minute documentary.   Popoff is still on TV ! Sunday Nights on cable's BET spread this link and get him off the air!!!!

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Are there strange shadows in the photos? 

Why are these shadows going in two directions with only ONE source of Light?


Click the map to follow  Documentary Filmmaker Aron Ranen's Journey across America. 
Why is there no crater under the lunar lander? Author of "NASA Mooned America"  Ralph Renne explains in a rare interview filmed at a secret location in New Jersey.  

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About the Film-Read about Did We Go? in the Houston Chronicle

Did We Go? is a 60-minute documentary. Armed with his camera, filmmaker Aron Ranen begins a journey across America in search of proof Apollo 11 really landed on the Moon.

He also stumbles onto several unexpected secrets including ex-Nazi rocket scientists who were pivotal figures in the United States Space program and who actually helped launch Apollo 11.

This documentary reveals the surprising lack of hard evidence that Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and the involvement of Nazi war criminals in the Apollo program.

Order your own copy of Did We Go? today and find out the clues to many unanswered questions about one of the most famous events in history.

All this adds up to an amazing one-hour documentary that takes you across America in search of the Truth behind the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. Decide for yourself after watching DID WE GO?