Eyewitness Testimony

The 60-minute documentary DID WE GO? attempts to prove Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and also investigates how NASA made the attempt. We interviewed several eyewitnesses who were all connected with the Apollo 11 mission. And some of the things they told us were astonishing. Click on the images to see more photos and video clips of the surprising details*:

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Exclusive, new Moonhoax.com interviews with Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Gene Cernan. Aron Ranen asks Buzz the tough question, "Where were you on July 20, 1969?"
What Did He See? Clancy Hattleberg The Navy Frogman who was first to open Apollo 11 capsule at splashdown. This is the second interview he has EVER consented to.

The Last Man on Earth......Gunter Wendt was the last man on earth to see the Apollo 11 crew before their alleged moon walk, Gunter actually closed the hatch on the capsule prior to Take-off. See a clip from the filmmaker's trip up NASA's Launch pad 39 with Gunter Wendt. Were the Apollo 11 crew really in the capsule at take-off?

The KKK at NASA: Did the KKK have a presence and influence at the Kennedy Space Center? What was life like for African Americans working on the NASA Apollo Program? Here is an exclusive interview with a Retired NASA technician who experienced the Klan first hand at the Kennedy Space Center in the Sixties.
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt: Author of NASA MOONED AMERICA Ralph Renne explains in a rare interview what he claims are major problems with NASA's Apollo Photographs.

NAZIs worked on Apollo 11!

Filmmaker Aron Ranen uncovers and interviews former NAZIs who worked for NASA.

The NAZI at NASA: Ex-NAZI Rocket scientists played a leading role in NASA's moon program. Watch an exclusive interview with NASA's former Chief of Information Systems at the Kennedy Space Center. He is also a former NAZI who helped design rockets for Adolph Hitler
She Knows the Truth...Bonnie Holmes was the longtime NASA secretary to NASA and Nazi Rocket Scientist Werhner von Braun. Could Von Braun have been planning this hoax while at NASA? Only Bonnie can tell the truth. Another Moonhoax.com exclusive interview, filmed in the hills of Alabama.

Unsettling History Revealed: Alex Baum was a Slave Laborer in Werhner Von Braun's Nazi rocket factory. Amazingly enough he survived the horrors of forced labor during Space history's darkest hour.

Werhner Von Braun was a NAZI brought to the United States after the war to help build NASA's Rockets. Was NASA's chief rocket scientist (and former Nazi) Werhner Von Braun involved in the Moonhoax?


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All this adds up to an amazing one-hour documentary that takes you across America in search of the Truth behind the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. Decide for yourself after watching DID WE GO?