Evidence Investigated in Did We Go?:

Exclusive Moonhoax.com Interview with Apollo 11 NASA Navy Frogman. The first man to open the Apollo 11 Capsule after splash down. Purchase Did We Go? to see the Interview
Apollo 11 Lunar Laser reflector tested by shooting giant Laser at it. See the Video to find out the results!

- NASA Launch Pad 39 (Actual NASA-approved inspection by Filmmaker)

- LAST man on earth to see Apollo 11 Crew. Click here to watch our exclusive Interview with Gunter Wendt

- Apollo 11 launch Telemetry/Tracking/Radar

- Astronaut Testimony - See our exclusive Buzz Aldrin/Gene Cernan interviews

- Moon Rocks (including Von Braun's strange trip to Antarctica)

- Nazi Rocket Scientists involvement in Apollo 11 investigated -Retired NASA / Ex-Nazi scientist interview

- Von Braun's NASA Secretary of thirty years in exclusive interview

- Secret NASA documents that expose the truth about Von Braun and NASA

- Apollo 11 Flight Director Gene Kranz Interview reveals new facts about missing evidence

- Search for Apollo 11 NASA Flight Controllers in Houston, Texas

- Could it be true that Goddard Space Center is missing all Apollo 11 Telemetry data? Moonhoax.com investigator Aron Ranen travels to the National Space Science Data Center to find out!

- Strange shadows in moon photographs?

- Plus lots of additional information in this 60 minute video documentary.

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